18 May

What love and relationship beliefs are holding you back from the love you deserve?

My forthcoming book Find YOU, Find LOVE will guide you in exploring what love and relationship beliefs are holding you back from the love you deserve.

The truth is we become so comfortable with our love and relationship beliefs and the ‘stories’ that we tell about them, that until we awaken from the story we aren’t aware that there are alternative choices and beliefs available to us.  After years of telling our stories and believing them as the whole truth and nothing but the truth this may become all we talk and think about.  We may become accustomed to think about our past with blame,  regret, bitterness and disappointment and be blinkered in thinking that the future can be any better.  We go into a cycle – a loop of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions constantly reacting to ‘old stuff’ and old stories.

I will be honest here that the only person suffering is you.  The past only exists in our heads and it’s us who decides what we think about, no one else.  Harsh perhaps, but true and I share this point as I know from my own experience that spending time telling old stories and reliving them emotionally only limits you.

Find YOU, Find LOVE will give you the tools to master your emotions and steer the way ahead enabling you to close the book on your past once and for all.  You have a future full of possibilities ahead of you, it’s time to start a new book and a new journey and I will guide you every step of the way.