09 Feb

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I’m writing a book about love and relationships and I’m intrigued to learn as to how many of us may put love outside of ourselves as if it’s someone else’s duty to provide what we feel is missing.

In infancy the need for love is paramount to growth, in fact there are many studies that indicate when love is not available an infant’s brain will develop differently.  An example of this would be children in orphanages who with little love and care will die or be less prosperous.

Most of us in the western world are very fortunate to have grown up within our blood line families, surrounded by a host of adults and caregivers, there to cater to our every whim.  So what happens from birth to now that makes us feel unloved?

As an adult right now, how much of the responsibility to be loved do you hand over to others?  Is it someone else’s duty to fill you up with love?

Has there ever been a time when you felt unloved or rejected that may be influencing your need for love right now?

Do you feel unloved if you are single, widowed, divorced or in a relationship?

I’m researching right how experiences and perceptions that may lead to ‘lack of love’ or ‘feeling unlovable’ may be the contributing factors that run through an individual’s life right now.  Its interesting research and I will be sharing over the weeks and months ahead the learning’s, snippets and insights into ones ‘lovability’ meter and what the missing components are for those who feel love is missing from their lives.

How can you be more loving to yourself right now?