09 Mar

When I Let Go Of Being Me…

then I let go of who I might become.

How many of you reading this have stopped being you at some point in your life?

Have you tried to please another person by being who you think they want you to be?

Have you ever not spoken up for fear of not being approved of or judged?

Have you ever played small to keep the peace?

Have you behaved differently to gain love and acceptance?

Have you dressed differently to please another person?

Stopped a specific hobby or interest as it didn’t fit the other person’s ideal?

Have you ever doubted your self worth based on another person’s comments or actions?

Take just a moment to think about the parts of yourself that you are denying.  When and where did you stop being you?  What happened in your life to make you think that being you was unacceptable, unlovable?  What’s the priced you’ve paid or are currently paying by not being you?

I have decided that if someone doesn’t accept all of me and who I am then that doesn’t mean I have to stop being me.  I have learnt the hard way what’s it’s like to loose my sense of identity, wholeness, uniqueness and I continued to reject myself as unworthy, unlovable and flawed until I learnt it’s ok to be me.  Since I woke up to that fact ”It’s ok to be me”, my life has changed dramatically and so many new and wonderful opportunities are coming my way.

Please listen and really hear this.  Who you are is amazing, loveable, beautiful, unique, special and wonderful.  If you have any doubt about that or feel that you don’t know how to get your mojo back then my forthcoming book Find YOU Find LOVE will gently guide you, support you and help you to identify where the perception of rejection and being unlovable came from and together we will work through that so that you can release the past and create a life full of love.

It’s time to transform into that wonderful butterfly that you are.  Life is for living, life is for loving, enjoy every moment!