02 Mar

Where have you been shining your light?

I’d like you to imagine that you have a torch in your hands right now.  That torch can be directed into the past, into the future or in this present moment.

If you have been directing your beam of focus towards the pain and disappointments from the past, this is what you see. If you have been shining your light on failed relationships and lack of love, this is what you may attract in the future. If you have been pointing the light on being alone, lonely and loneliness this only magnifies the feelings associated with being alone.

So where have you been shining your light?

It’s time to think about where you have been directing your light and how that influences your life right now, what has been the cost of focusing on the negative?  What have you missed out on? What have you given up on? What do you want instead?

In my forthcoming book Find YOU Find LOVE  I will support you to find solutions to your love and relationship problems so that you can clear the past  and let go of those unwanted emotions that hold you back from getting to the heart of love and relationships.

By shining your light in the moment, accepting who you are completely as a loving and loveable person, this will offer you a ray of hope bringing clarity and brightness to your future so that you truly sparkle and dazzle every day, warm in the glow of love.

When you are ready to direct your beam to the future –  bring to mind all that is possible, all that is achievable, all that is love and then some.  When you become open to receiving love, open to being loving, eating, breathing, living and sleeping love your light will illuminate only that.

Think about the end result and what you want, never falter.   Learn from the past to make your future one heck of a light show, it’s going to be spectacular.

The processes to clear the past will be featured in my forthcoming book Find YOU Find LOVE