28 Sep

Who’s in the driving seat of your life?

Are you driving consciously or falling asleep at the wheel?

When we are born into the world, our journey is decided for us by our caretakers. In the early years of our life, our own choices may be limited and often our decisions and plans are based on those around us.  As we grow older, we forget that we can take responsibility for ourselves and can make decisions based on our own needs and values.

I’d like you to consider, for a moment, your life as a journey…..

Imagine yourself travelling that journey by car. To make that journey you would need to decide on a destination.  Without a clear idea of where you want to be, you could end up anywhere, going round in circles.

You may need a few things on your journey to make it a success:

  • Fuel for energy in your car
  • A map so that you can plan your route
  • Water if you get thirsty or if the car overheats
  • Some music for entertainment
  • Some fresh fruit and snacks for sustenance
  • A breakdown service card just in case you experience problems along the way

Consider what necessary things are needed on your own personal journey to get to where you want to be in terms of love and relationships:

Enthusiasm, hope, trust, confidence, optimism, resilience, courage, strength and a go get attitude!

If you come across a red light whilst travelling, do you take the time to reflect on how far you’ve already travelled and how much you’ve achieved, or do you see it as a stop sign? Suspended in time, frozen, and cocooned inside your car and mind, seeing red!!

If you come to a cross roads, what will you do?

Decisions, decisions, which way now? I hear you ask yourself….

What if I take the wrong turning?

Hey….what if it’s the right way?

Often we have no way of knowing which road will be the right road. We have to take a risk, a chance and muster up our self belief, telling ourselves that we will get to where we want to be, if we keep the destination in mind all the time.  It’s natural to get lost or go off track from time to time. The important thing here is to stop and re- focus on where we are heading and the right roads will always present themselves.

The good thing about being at a cross roads is that there is always a choice about which direction to turn. If we take a wrong turn, we simply try again. Like listening to your car’s Sat Nav, you also turn around where possible.

Where is your journey taking you? Are you still held back in the past, too scared to move ahead, or are you here in the present moment considering your options.

  • So who’s in the driving seat of your life?
  • Are you driving consciously or falling asleep at the wheel?

This insight into how we manage our lives was taken from my first book Find YOU, Find LOVE http://goo.gl/crnvoZ  which supports you to get to the heart of your love and relationship problems using The Spotlight Process and EFT.

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