13 Jan

Word Power

The power of words has never ceased to amaze me.  Reading or hearing a word spoken can convey and evoke so many different emotions.  Think about the following words now and be aware of the  corresponding feelings that resonate within you.

Anger | Rage | Frustration | Fear….be aware of what changes happen in your physical body, does your jaw clench, head pound, blood race, heart quicken?  Just notice and be aware that the words you think create the physiological feelings within.

Now think of the words Joy | Peace | Love | Happiness and notice the changes within.  Do you find yourself sighing, smiling and notice warmth spreading throughout your body, does your body feel relaxed and light, a flutter in your tummy?

Often times what we think is very negative in fact 70-80% of our thoughts each day are negative that equates to what we feel being the same percentage.  I know what I would rather have.

So for the week ahead just notice the thoughts you are thinking, the words that you utter, the words that you hear, the words that you read.  Remember no one ‘thinks you’, you are in control of your thoughts and how you react to the words you read or hear and your body will respond accordingly.